Maps for event organizers, urban planners, historians or anyone with an interest in cities.


From €4.900

Mapdon Atlas™

Simple yet powerful platforms for sharing events, landmarks and other points of interest on a map. Responsive, multilingual and visually customizable. Great for urban festivals and other event organizers.

Bankjes Collectief

From €4.900

Mapdon Insight™

Map-based online questionnaires for more transparent, efficient and interactive city planning. Highly customizable with versatile tools for analysis. Great for architects, urban planners and others working with cities.

Budjetoi Puisto Espoo

From €4.900

Mapdon Chrono™

Old maps, photographs and other documents turned into an enchanting timeline. See the evolution of a place and compare what has changed. Great for museums, researchers and others working with historical data.

Helsinki Bites

Mapdon Custom™

Looking for a more advanced map, a spatial extension to your existing system or better directions for your business? Get in touch to learn more about our custom solutions.

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